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No experience necessary! Spend a weekend with us and learn the skills you need to start riding. Our goal is to help you become confident in riding basics, pass your M2 test with us, and be eligible to insure a motorcycle of your own. And if at first you don’t succeed, we’ll invite you back for more practice and a re-test – no extra charge.

Weekend M2 Course

Thursday classroom, 6-9pm

Saturday & Sunday riding, 8am-4pm


Thursday & Friday M2 Course

Wednesday classroom, 6-9pm

Thursday & Friday riding, 8am-4pm


NEW Classroom & Riding Location

240 Albert Rd, Windsor ON

Get your M

If you’ve been riding a while with your M2 and are ready to upgrade your licence, join us for our M course. Participants in the M course require a plated, insured motorcycle in good repair. The motorcycle must be capable of highway minimum speed. You’ll spend Friday evening and your choice of Saturday or Sunday with a handful of riders, where your instructor will help polish your skills in a group ride. Finish the course by taking your test with us to upgrade to your M licence, and if at first you don’t succeed, come back to ride it again at no additional cost.

Saturday or Sunday M Course

Friday classroom, 6-9pm

Saturday or Sunday riding, 8am-4pm


NEW Classroom & Meeting Location

240 Albert Rd, Windsor ON

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Windsor M2 & M Location

240 Albert Rd. Windsor, ON

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