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First things first… getting your M1

Your first step as a new rider is to read the Motorcycle Handbook, which you can buy at any DriveTest or motorcycle dealer, borrow from your public library, or read for free online.

Once you’re feeling confident, head to your nearest DriveTest centre to write the multiple choice question M1 test. You don’t even need an appointment at DriveTest to write the M1, and the test is less than $25.

Once you successfully pass your M1 written test – congratulations! You have your very first motorcycle licence and are ready to ride with us.

The links below will help you get started and when you’re ready, give us a call!

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Ready to ride … getting your M2

Your brand new M1 licence is a temporary licence, good for 90 days. During this time, you can ride a motorcycle with certain restrictions. You will also need to upgrade to your M2 within those 90 days.

And that’s where we come in! You can take your M2 course with us as soon as you have your M1 licence. Our M2 course is a full weekend course designed for train you how to ride and graduate you to your M2 licence.

You’ll learn in the Motorcycle Handbook that you have to have your M1 licence for 60 days before upgrading to your M2 licence – but you can take your course with us before those 60 days are up. You just have to let the remainder of those 60 days pass before getting your M2.

Polish those skills & get your M

You’ve taken your M2 course and now have your M2 – great! Now that you’ve done your M2 course with us, your insurance company has given you a great rate so you can buy your dream bike and practice all those skills you learned in your course.

Keep riding and practicing those skills, and after 18 months, you’re ready for the final stage of your graduated licensing – your M course, to graduate to your permanent M licence. If you didn’t take our M2 safety course or a safety course with a different school, you’ll be eligible to upgrade after 22 months. You also don’t have to upgrade to your M right away – your M2 licence is good for five years.

Participants in the M course require a plated, insured motorcycle in good repair. The motorcycle must be capable of highway minimum speed.



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More Courses

Are you interested in motorcycling, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to live life on two wheels? Get Your Feet Wet is a great way to try out motorcycles in a relaxed, three hour session to see if you want to pursue riding further.

We try to make it as easy as possible to try riding for the first time – so we’ll take care of providing motorcycles, – you don’t even need an M1 licence. We require that participants to bring their own riding equipment: Helmet, Jacket, Boots and Gloves. As well as the protective face mask.

Our Get Your Feet Wet course costs $185(+HST), and if you decide to take riding to the next level and enroll in your M2 course afterwards, we’ll even take $50 off your registration.

Get Your Feet Wet does not include any testing or licensing.

Get Your Feet Wet runs at our Etobicoke location throughout the riding season, just call our office to register.


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