Ontario has a graduated licensing process for motorcycle riders. When you take our MTO-approved motorcycle safety course, you can progress through the steps more quickly and with greater confidence. For instance, you do not need to wait 60 days to take the M2 test as part of our course and, if successful, you are able to attempt the M test after 18 months instead of 22. Our training programs allow you to take the M2 and M tests with confidence and are included in the price of your course. We also offer free retests and additional training, should you need it.

Our instructors are approved by the MTO to conduct the M2 and M on-bike tests, so no additional testing is required.

For more information on motorcycle licensing in Ontario, please see the MTO website.

At this time we are unable to offer specialised low-speed or three-wheeled licensing courses.


M1 Temporary Permit

You receive your M1 after passing a written test at any DriveTest Centre*. It is valid for 90-days, during which time you must successfully pass the on-bike test to graduate to the M2 licence. You can take our M2 course at any time during your 90 day eligibility period. However, you must hold the M1 licence for a minimum of 60 days before you can upgrade it at DriveTest. A valid M1 permit is required to take the M2 course.

You can practice the M1 written test at the link below.


*The M1 written test can also be taken at the Service Ontario in downtown Toronto at 777 Bay Street.


M2 Licence

After successfully passing the M2 on-bike test and holding your M1 permit for 60 days, you can upgrade to your M2 license at any DriveTest Centre. Your M2 licence is valid for 5 years. After completing your course, you have 6 months to upgrade your licence before your test results expire. We will send you an email reminder at your 5 month mark.

For those riders applying to have their international experience recognised, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) may allow you to skip the M2 step and proceed straight to the M course. You must apply to the MTO through DriveTest to have your experience recognised. Once your application is successful, we will be able to enroll you directly in the M course.

Your test results are valid for 6-months after you complete the course. You must visit a DriveTest to upgrade your licence within that time period otherwise you will be required to restart the licensing process.


M Licence

The final step of the graduated licensing process in Ontario. Your M never expires and is acquired by successfully completing the M on-bike road test, which is included in our M course.

Our M course offers a refresher in safety and riding skills, but assumes that you have been riding regularly. Experience riding on 400-series highways is strongly recommended and is a key component of the M road test.

If you took an M2 safety course, you are eligible to attempt the M road test after 18 months of holding your M2 licence (22 months, if not).


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