Refund Policy

Our goal is your success. Regardless of any difficult circumstances you come to with the course, please speak to us about your options with us.

Motorcycling is an outdoor activity, and we ride rain or shine, so arrive at the site prepared to ride. If the weather is hazardous, we will discuss next steps at that time. We will reschedule your training as availability allows, or offer you a full refund.

If LCF must cancel the course for any other reason out of our control – we will give you as much notice as possible. We will reschedule your training as availability allows, or offer you a full refund.

If YOUR plans change, we ask for at least 3 days notice to reschedule or request cancellation at no charge. With less than 3 days notice, you may reschedule or cancel the on-bike session at a cost of $100 (all fees plus HST). If you fail to attend a scheduled riding session without notice, your registration fee is forfeited.

If it’s just not working out…

Imagine that you suspect you are a danger to yourself or others. If by lunch on Saturday (or 4 hours into the on-bike session) you do not wish to pursue motorcycling any further, LCF will refund you $100. On the other hand, if you’re just having a bad morning but are still keen to learn, the instructors will provide you with alternatives to return free of charge, subject to availability.

Imagine that you become ill or are injured at the course. Should you still wish to pursue motorcycling upon your recovery, we will offer to reschedule you free of charge, subject to availability. Should you no longer wish to pursue motorcycling and chose not to return, we cannot entertain a refund.

If you are not successful in your test at the end of the course, LCF offers free re-tests. We can also make arrangements for some extra coaching. Regardless of circumstance, please speak with us. We want you riding, we want you riding safely, and we want you to have fun.